the amazing spider-man 1 - 800 1300 extras fantasy 15 lot run collection 18 Cgc
  $   99,000


$   99000 Sold For
May 2, 2018 End Date
Apr 7, 2018 Start Date
$   99000 Start price
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This is for 2100 issues 

(mostly Spider-Man)

(Old photo)?

Issues include amazing spider-man 1 to 800

The other bonus random extra 1300 issues would be annuals, one shots, mini-series, and other titles of spider-man, and spider-man related issues like scarlet spider-man, black cat, venom and other villain issues (some bonus issues may not contain spider-man) ?

The extras are to compensate for any possible adds or coupons that could be cut out and for any possible restoration, so keep that in mind when purchasing  

Plus a copy of amazing fantasy 15?

Using A,B,C,D,F grading their grades range from A- to C- no grade will be below a C- grade

No issue will be below a 3.0 grade,

All random,

Key books like 194, 238, 252 and 300, 361 will all be cgc graded 9.8 (may or may not be white pages) 

along with some popular cover issues like 298, 601, 606, 607, will also be graded cgc 9.8

there will be at least 15 cgc 9.8 in this collection, (maybe more)

Including a amazing spider-man 18 (2016) Campbell variant will also be cgc 9.8 


Also if you'd be interested in a MEGA MASSIVE Marvel collection I'd sell

spider-man 1 to 800

avengers 1 to 503

captain America 100 to 600

daredevil 1 to 500

fantastic four 1 to 645

iron man 1 to 500

x-men 1 to 600

with journey into mystery 86 (1st Thor)

tales of suspense 38 (1st iron man

along with first Ant-man, Wasp, Dr strange, Luke cage, Iron fist

and Hulk 181 and Giant Size X-Men 1

included along with 2,000 bonus random extras

all for $250,000

(no grade would be below a 3.0)

If you're interested in this run/collection let me know and I'll re-list it

It would take around 40 days to ship

Please be sure that you really want them if you bid, I will not expect any returns