XL Iron Man Mark I large figurine Marvel AMAZING 97 pieces w/ 120 fasteners
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Jack Thrasher, a local artist here in Rhode Island, has offered to donate some of his "odds and ends and misfits" (his words) to help support my day job (the Hummel Report, a non-profit news agency that is in the middle of an end-of-year Newsmatch grant campaign).  So every dollar we generate, less the Ebay fees, will go to the Hummel Report and be doubled by the Knight Foundation.  We have priced them BELOW his full retail value, but some of the items are blemished in some way, so we will take the first reasonable offer.  They are similar to Sideshow statues, but i think painted much better.   
The comic book is not included, it is to show the large scale of this piece.   I will let Jack provide the descriptions:
"One and Done" - Fan art of IRON MAN MARK I - This is my favorite new piece.  It is a replica of the Iron Man MARK I suit from the first  movie.  It is approximately 15 inches tall, or about a 1/5 scale, made from 97 pieces of 3D printed plastic held together with over 120 tiny nuts and bolts (m1.5 to m6).   The files for this print were developed by a professor in China teaching his students how to use 3D printers, and he offered it for free on the Internet.  The chest plate also lights up and batteries are included.   I am only going to make 25 of these, I have made two so far, this one in a steel color like the first iron man seen in Tales of Suspense 39, and I am also donating a gold tone I call "Rusty", like the Iron Man from Tales of Suspense 40 to 48.  I authenticate each item with a hologram sticker with a matching number (counting down from 25 to 1) and the number matches my signed label.  FAN ART TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!  I hand paint each piece so no two are alike.  It comes with a 1/4 THICK Plexiglas case, with removable 1/8 plexi back so you can take it out.   But this is NOT a toy - it is fragile FAN ART.  Please handle it with care.
Please email with any questions.  
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