Warlock package: Warlock 1,3-12; Strange Tales 178-181; Marvel Premiere 1,2
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This lot consist of Warlock 1, 3-12; Strange Tales Featuring Warlock 178-181; Marvel Premiere Featuring the Power of Warlock 1-2 for a total of 17 comics.
There are too many photos to include in the ebay listing, so I set up a public flickr album with photos.  See https://www.flickr.com/gp/ttimtucker/0r7807.  The photos are organized by issue number.  
These items come from a smoke-free home.

My asking price is based on 50% of price from the 2017-2018 Overstreet Price Guide.  Where a grade falls between Overstreet specified grades,  I linearly interpolate between the 2 values to obtain the Overstreet price for that grade.  

Details on the condition of each issue are listed below.  Grading is based on the Overstreet Guide to Grading Comic Books.  I've tried to include photos of any significant items noted.  If you wish to see any additional photos, or if you have any questions/concerns about my grading, please let me know.  In my description below, LRC=lower right corner", LLC="lower left corner", ...etc.

Marvel Premiere #1-grade: 6.0-LRC creases, color break-spine stress-foxing
Marvel Premiere #2-grade: 7.5-right edge stress, creases, color break
Warlock #1-grade: 7.0-spine stress-right edge stress, color break-rear foxing, minor tear
Warlock #3-grade: 6.5-LRC crease, color break-URC crease, color break-ULC, URC abrasion-spine stress
Warlock #4-grade: 7.0-LRC crease, color break-lower edge stress, some creases
Warlock #5-grade: 3.0-book length crease 
Warlock #6-grade: 7.5-LRC crease, color break-URC abrasion
Warlock #7-grade: 6.0-LRC, URC crease, color break-LLC abrasion-right edge stress, color break-spine stress-rear stain
Warlock #8-grade: 9.0-URC minor stress
Warlock #9-grade: 7.5-LRC crease, color break
Warlock #10-grade: 9.0-ULC abrasion
Warlock #11-grade: 9.0-ULC abrasion
Warlock #12-grade: 9.0-URC minor stress
Strange Tales #178-grade: 7.5-URC, LRC creases, color break
Strange Tales #179-grade: 8.0-top edge several indentations
Strange Tales #180-grade: 9.0-LLC abrasion
Strange Tales #181-grade 8.5-lower edge stress-LLC abrasion