The Flash #138 (6/1998), CGC 9.8 w/white pages,
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The Flash #138, CGC 9.8 w/white pages.  First appearance of the Black Flash. Shipping will be in the CGC case, in a plastic sleeve, wrapped in bubble wrap, via US Postal Service, Priority Mail box.
Krakkl reveals that he's been cheating in the races, but it's enough information to inspire Wally with a plan to get out of the race in one piece. However, it'll depend greatly on the active participation of every living creature on two worlds.
CharactersSteel (John Henry Irons)Impulse (Bart Allen)Max Mercury (Max Crandall)Rainbow Raider (Roy G. Bivolo)Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)Flash (Jay Garrick)Flash (Wally West)Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)