The Avengers # 4 - Marvel Comics - Silver Age - CGC 6.0
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The Avengers # 4 - Marvel Comics - March 1964 - Captain America Lives Again .

CGC Universal Grade * 6.0 * Cream to Off-White pages. Seller is the original owner. T is no restoration of any type . This issue contains the first Silver-Age appearance of Captain America with an appearance of Sub-Mariner & featuring Thor, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Wasp, & Rick Jones. The Avengers # 4 contains the story " Captain America Joins...The Avengers ". The very agitated Prince Namor/The Sub-Mariner is swimming the ocean seeking his lost race of Atlantians. He finds a group of Eskimos worshiping a frozen man entombed in a cake of ice. He does not recognize his former Invaders teammate and throws the block of ice into the ocean w it floats away into the Gulf Stream w it begins to melt. The Avengers, looking for Sub-Mariner, find the frozen body. He awakens disoriented, fights the avengers, remembers who he is and confirms he is Steve Rogers / Captain America. Arriving in New York, the avengers are met by the Press, one who is an alien who fires his Petrification Beam and turns Wasp, Giant-Man, Iron Man, & Thor into stone. Captain America & Rick Jones must solve Captain America's problems and save the Avengers from the Medusa alien... and the story continues. Shipping only to the United States. Shipping charges are as follows: Priority Mail / Certified Mail = $13.20 or Priority Mail / Registered Mail with Insurance $22.90. Payment by PayPal only. No Returns. Non-paying bidders will be subjected to negative feedback. No non-U.S. bidders. Thanks and good luck!!