Tales of Suspense 39 Marvel 3/1963 Stan Lee CGC 9.0 R NM 1st App/Origin Iron Man
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Tales of Suspense #39  (First Print)

Investment Grade with Profit and Museum Quality

First Appearance and Origin of Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Top 2.8% of CGC Census 9.0 R Near Mint with OWP

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, March 1963

 New Movie Iron Man #4: Return of Tony will be released in 2021

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     The Winning Bidder will receive the high value, original ultra-rare and gorgeous first print U.S.A. Edition Tales of Suspense #39, CGC Grade 9.0 R Near Mint with Off-White Pages, Stan Lee, March 1963, as shown in the attached images.

     Tales of Suspense #39: 


·        1963 First Appearance and Origin of Iron Man (Tony Stark)

·        Museum Quality: This Tales of Suspense #39 is 100% complete, with no trimming is in near mint condition, all four corners are excellentt (front and back), lays flat, has no spine stress, no creases, original staples are firm with pages connected tightly, and has no chipping

·       Ultra-Rare: As shown in the attached CGC Census image, of the 2,272 in the CGC Census, there are only 64 or Top 2.8% Tales of Suspense #39 in CGC 9.0 grade condition or higher in the CGC Census - so ultra-rare

·        Stories by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, cover by Jack Kirby, and Art by Don Heck, Steve Ditko and Gene Colan. A digital copy of the entire Tales of Suspense #39 comic book is readily available at several websites on the Internet

·        This full color 36 pages original 12 Cents cover first print Tales of Suspense #39 comic book was published by Marvel Comics in March 1963

·        Cover: the cover hero is the Iron Man first appearance

·        CGC Certification Number 0722036010 with Off-White Pages, and this CGC graded comic book can be verified on the CGC Website. Old GCG Holder which many collectors prefer, because it does not have the newer CGC vinyl side flaps that may detract from displaying the comic book

·        The Tales of Suspense #39 comic book in this Ebay listing is 100% complete, and no trimming, near mint condition four corners, lays flat, has no spine stress, no creases, original staples are firm with pages connected tightly, and has no chipping

·        Professional restoration includes color touch, tiny pieces added, reinforced, cover cleaned and staples cleaned, so that this ultra-rare comic book will remain clean and gorgeous stored in its CGC sealed pouch and slab for the millennium ahead

·        Supporting Characters: Professor Ho Yinsen (Only appearance and dies)

·        Antagonists: Wong-Chu (First appearance and Apparent death)

·        Wong-Chu's Red Guerillas (First appearance)

·        Investment Grade: The values and prices for the ultra-rare and highly desirable Tales of Suspense #39 continue to sky-rocket. In just a few years, the value of Tales of Suspense #39 may equal or surpass Amazing Fantasy #15 value, so now is a great time to buy one or more high grade Tales of Suspense #39. On November 21, 2013, a Tales of Suspense #39 in CGC 9.6 Grade sold at auction for $262,900.00

·        This is one excellent looking 57years old Tales of Suspense #39 March 1963 comic book

·        Great news! Robert Downey Jr. is coming back for the Iron Man #4: Return of Tony movie in 2021. Finally, the 49-year-old star set the record straight on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, confirming, "OK, yes — there's a fourth movie in the works!" Also, 

Robert Downey Jr. (as Iron Man and Tony Stark) will appear in the upcoming Black Widow movie that has a release date of November 6, 2020

·        Lastly, purchasing this professionally restored CGC 9.0 R high grade Tales of Suspense #39 comic book is a great investment, because it is ultra-rare and highly desired by collectors around the world, and Tales of Suspense #39 is currently ranked at #9 on Overstreet's list of Top 50 Silver Age Comics.


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