Superman (DC 1959-68)133,139,148,185,186,188-191,194,196,198-210 in GD+ to FN+
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Here is a great lot of 24 Superman comics, 133,139,148,185,186,188-191,194,196,198-210, all in GD+ to FN+ condition. Neal Adams was hitting his stride with these covers, and they are often better than the stories, in my opinion. Just look at the cover for 204--he could just pour emotion into a cover like Neal! All of these books were bagged, so they are in pretty good condition. The oldest ones, 133, 139, and 148 have scuffed covers, but they are clean, with modest crinkling of the spine. I would put them at GD+ to FN condition. 185,186,188 and 189 all have crinkles on the cover, and I would put them at GD+ condition. Issue 199 ( I read this one a lot! Superman and the Flash duel to see who is the fastest--who can resist?) is only in GD condition, and has a curled spine and some nicks in the cover. 201 and 202 have spine damage, but the books are secure to the covers. 203-210 are nice, in VF+ condition, with clean covers, clear spine, and no major defects.Lets face it, grading is very subjective, which is why I include high resolution photos of all of the issues. Please check them out carefully before bidding. 

I am a well known science fiction illustrator, and this is my childhood comic collection that I am selling. They have been in my hands since I bought them off of the strands as a kid, and they have been read respectfully and studied by me over the years.

You can check out my work at if you like. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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