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Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #27 Splash Page 1 Original Art (Marvel, 1965). "Bring Back My Goblin To Me!" Simply put, in the original comic art collecting world it just doesn't get much greater than a prime-time Ditko Spidey splash prominently featuring webhead and his single greatest villain - especially when said masterpiece has been held in a longtime collection for many decades and has never before been offered on the market. The Green Goblin makes only his fifth story appearance in this issue, counting his cameo in issue #18. It was just a year after his introduction in issue #14, and at this point, even the readers didn't know his secret identity. In fact, Norman Osborn was not introduced to the series until issue #37, and that was after we had previously met his son Harry Osborn in issue #31. (However, all secrets would be revealed in John Romita Sr.'s first issue, #39.) Sadly, this would be the last Goblin story that "Sturdy" Steve Ditko would illustrate before leaving the t itle. The Green Goblin would go on to become Spider-Man's most enduring enemy, and Norman Osborn himself would play a vital role in the post-Secret Invasion events. To state that twice-up Ditko original art pages such as this are highly sought by collectors is of course a major understatement, and few can match this example's condition and eye-appeal! We get a full-figure image of the Crime-Master, an unconscious Spider-Man, and the Green Goblin. The famed Lee/Ditko drama abounds, with the reader's anticipation of just how our hero will escape the Goblin's clutches ingeniously reflected in the background gangsters' expressive anticipation-such expertly inked detail, a hallmark of the artist's famed run on the title, are in full evidence, with the Goblin appearing as evilly menacing as we can recall! Such an incredible stand-alone image that sums up so many of the classic elements of Marvel's Silver Age greatness would certainly be the cornerstone of any collection. The page was craf ted in ink over graphite on 13.25" x 22" Bristol board with an image area of 12.5" x 18.5". The Spider-Man web logo is the original stat paste-up. There is a touch of minor text correction whiteout and a couple of specks on the middle right side of the image area. Overall this is in a stunning Excellent condition.

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