Sensation Comics #1 CGC 9.6 SINGLE HIGHEST Graded Copy CGC #1208691001

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Sensation Comics #1 CGC 9.6 SINGLE HIGHEST Graded Copy CGC #1208691001
Grade 9.6 NM+
Publisher DC
Certification Number 1208691001
Main Character Wonder Woman
Publication Date 1/1942
Signed No
Historical Significance WONDER WOMAN'S 1st COVER APP & ORIGIN PART 2

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    SENSATION COMICS #1 CGC 9.6 off White Pages  
    Street date of  Nov 7, 1941,  a mere 15 days after the release of All Star Comics # 8.   Cover Date Jan 1942.
    One of the most significant comic books of the Golden Age is now up for auction. AND it is the single highest graded copy! Sensation Comics #1 grade 9.6! This not only features Wonder Woman in her very first cover appearance, but the first appearance of two DC heroes: Wildcat and Mr. Terrific.

    Both Wildcat and Mr. Terrific have been featured on the successful CW TV show Arrow, now in its 6th season. In fact, Mr. Terrific is now part of Green Arrow's team.

    However, the rightful star of this title is the Amazing Amazon herself- Wonder Woman. Alongside Superman and Batman, she is one of the most famous and recognized comic book heroes of all time! These three flagship characters make up DC's Trinity, and are the only heroes to be published consistently since the very  first time they wowed readers on the newsstand. Wonder Woman, of course is the only female hero who can lay claim to surviving and thriving with DC's top 2 males, and she was the prototype for all female heroes that followed. Making a big splash on the cover of Sensation Comics #1, hitting newsstands within 15 days of All Star Comics #8 (On sale date October 23, 1941).  Like her peers, Batman & Superman, Wonder Woman would headline two DC titles simultaneously beginning with Sensation Comics #1.

    Always a symbol of female empowerment and progressive thinking, Wonder Woman has become the premiere female superhero spanning all media: comics, cartoons, prime-time TV, and just recently, the silver screen of Hollywood. Far surpassing all expectations, Gal Gadot's stunning portrayal of Wonder Woman impressed fans and critic's alike while single-handedly elevating DC's future movie horizons.

    This beautiful issue features her own "Action Comics #1 moment" in the form of an iconic introductory splash cover showcasing a scantily clad Wonder Woman appearing to jump out of the cover as she deflects bullets with her infamous bracelets, and like Superman's iconic Splash Cover, also ranks as one of the most recognizable comic book covers of all time.  T-shirts, posters, lunch boxes, coloring books and toys have all featured this famous image.

    Sensation Comics #1 features Wonder Woman taking Steve Trevor home to America in her invisible jet (1st Appearance) and features the Origin & 1st appearance of her Dianna Price secret identity. Written by Dr. William Moulton Marsten, her creator and featuring excellent artwork by H.G. Peter, the issue also boasts work by two Golden Age greats, Gardener Fox and Sheldon Moldoff.  To find a book 75 years old and in this remarkable condition is an outright scarcity. But to find a key Wonder Woman book this old and in this condition is nearly unfathomable.
    This is a wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunity to own a significant piece of pop culture, and a chance to own  the single highest graded copy in the world of this historic key issue. ABOUT THE COLLECTION (SEE BELOW)

    SENSATION COMICS #1 CGC 9.6 off White Pages 
    • Wonder Woman Begins
    • Origin & 1st Appearance of Wonder Woman continues ( 2nd app)
    • Origin & 1st appearance of Secret Identity (Dianna Price)  
    • 1st Cover Appearance Wonder Woman
    • 1st Appearance Invisible Jet
    • On Sale 15 days after All Star Comics #8 (On sale Dates Nov 7, 1941 vs October 23, 1941)
    a portion of this sale  will benefit Trafficking Hope .....  CLICK HERE to find out how you can help. The War-Time Comic Find Mere months before the dawn of WWII, December 7, 1941, and continuing until just a few months before the war ended, the owner of a small mom and pop grocery store started collecting comic books.

    He took the books straight to his home, where some were read, and others lay undisturbed for 70+ years. In all, the collection consists of approximately 400 books and focused on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and Captain Marvel along with other Golden Age heroes. The books remained in the same home for the remainder of his life.

    In summary:  The War-Time Comic Find.
    • 1941 – 1945
    • Magazine Distributor --- Store Owner --- Attic
    • Same Location --- 70 plus years later
    • A very rare ORIGINAL OWNER collection that has yielded the finest known copies of Wonder Woman’s first two appearances. Other comics from this collection have also been graded as highest known copies.
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