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Robert Crumb Thrilling Murder Comics #3 "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Complete 4-Page Story Original Art (San Francisco Comic Book Co., 1971). R. Crumb explores the dark side of "Hippie Culture" with this scary story. Four pages of true terror, as "Svengali" Jack Flash and his evil hypnotic eyes dominate a group of impressionable young women, with a bloody, brutal ending. Brrr! The story is considered to be one of Crumb's most violent and misogynist stories, combining the title of the rough and tumble 1969 Rolling Stones song with the events that led to the notorious Tate-LaBianca murders by Charles Manson's "Family" members. Perhaps the most frightening aspect about it is the footnote at the very end of the story that reads, "... which proves again that women are no goddamn good!" Although Robert Crumb in person is a pretty mild-mannered guy, his vivid imagination took off in wild, disturbing directions like this, alienating many (like fellow Underground cartoonist Trina Robbins), and inspiri ng others (like Mike Diana, who drew and self-published the macabre comic book Boiled Angel that wound up putting him behind bars for a few days). The art for this four-page story is in ink on sketchbook paper, with an average per-page image area of 8" x 12". The last page includes blue pencils to indicate where a second color (blood red, of course) was to be added. The first page is matted and framed with Plexiglas, for an overall size of 16" x 20.5". The remaining three pages are matted, with the art held by removable tape along the top edge. Condition on all pages is for the most part Excellent, although page two has a few stains within the outer borders, and all have some minor edge wear outside the image areas. Page one was featured on page 89 in the hardcover museum catalog R. Crumb Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, published in France in 2012. Crumb seemed to get all this violence out of his system with this one, but he sure let it run rampant here! "We are all one... c ease to exist... become one with me..." From the Eric Sack Collection.

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