Original 1975 Batman Brave & The Bold 120 DC Comics color guide art pg 1:Kamandi
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This is an Official DC Comics ONE OF A KIND ORIGINAL COLORIST'S ART COLOR GUIDE ART PAGE, and it was used in the direct production of the vintage BRAVE AND THE BOLD issue 120 comic book from 1975, featuring the Dark Knight Detective BATMAN (from the Justice League of America/JLA). This is the ONLY color guide of this 1970's page in existence (it's 1 of a kind), and it was used in the production of the actual published comic book. This BATB story featured artwork by Jim Aparo, and a team-up of Batman and Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth, in a life and death battle against a futuristic planet dominated by an army of apes.

NOTE: As you can see from the photo, this color guide page is torn, which sometimes happens with production artwork like color guide art because back in the old days of comic book production, color guide artwork wasn't intended to be saved or collected decades later. This is normal.

SIZE: This 1 of a kind original color guide art page measures about the same size as the published comic book, which is normal for colorist's color guide artwork.

NOTE: Color guide artwork is different from black and white original art. Color guides (colorist's artwork) are re-sized copies of the pencil and ink original artwork that are assigned to the issue's colorist, and then hand colored by that colorist. Colorguides usually measure about the same size as the published comic book, and some have "color codes" for the printers to follow. Because most modern comic books are now colored by using computers, there are no more color guide pages being produced, which makes the surviving color guide pages highly collectible. Inventory Code Y9135.

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