Mighty World Of Marvel MWOM 198 Hulk 181 1st App Wolverine In UK Unaltered cover
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Mighty World Of Marvel MWOM 198 Hulk 181 1st App Wolverine In UK Unaltered cover.

This is a very special item. Firstly as it's the first full appearance of Wolverine in a UK comic and the first reprint of the rare (and now extremely expensive) Incredible Hulk #181.

Secondly, it also bears the original cover drawn by Herb Trimpe, which is DIFFERENT to the one on Hulk 181, which had the Hulk's head redrawn by by John Romita. So this is the ONLY COMIC with this original (variant, if you like) cover. how cool is that?! Here's the story of what happened:


(*Please note I'm also selling the issues either side of it, which feature a new Wolverine splash page which you won't find in any other comic on earth! Plus 2 issues of a French comic featuring a gorgeous colour Silver Surfer story which has also never been reprinted in the USA. Moebius wasn't the first French artist to draw the Surfer!*)

As you can see, it's in decent condition for its age - British comics were printed on cheap newsprint and so don't always age brilliantly, but this is a very tidy copy.

I've started at an affordable price - I have 100% positive feedback so you can buy with confidence.

Regarding international shipping costs, unfortunately I don't have any involvement in that, the rates are set by eBay and I send the package to them to post onwards.

Any questions, please ask - no offers though and I won't be ending it early.

Good luck!