Marvel Iron Man Custom Edition #1 RARE Lot of 101 - Hearing Impaired Superhero
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Up for auction is a lot of 101 issues of the Marvel Custom Edition featuring IRON MAN and a new hearing impaired superhero, SAPHEARA.  This comic book was published in October 2014.  It is marked, "Iron Man, Marvel, Custom Edition 1, Sound Effects." These comics are like brand new, completely fresh in deep saturated comic book colors. 
 Let me begin by telling you that I am not a comic book collector.  A friend of mine is a custodian in one of the NYC Public Elementary schools in my area. He mentioned to me how he was given a bunch of comic books by one of the teachers to throw out.  Supposedly, Marvel Comics joined together with The Children's Hearing Institute, and created a one time comic book featuring a hearing impaired superhero named Sapheara.  They were supposed to be distributed to the children in the school, but for some reason were not.  Well, almost one year later, when the teachers are preparing for the new school year, they are cleaning out their desk drawers.  The teacher came across these comic books that were never given to the children and were cluttering up her desk.  So she gave them to my friend, the custodian, for disposal.  Rather than throw them out, he let me have them, as they were in such terrific shape, and hated to just throw them in the trash. I am not sure if they were ever ultimately distributed to any children in any Public Schools at all.  If not, these could really be rare. I found a web site explaining the comic's history and I encourage you to look at it.  It describes the comic book and how it came to be. The web site is below, but please manually enter it into your address bar if you desire to see it:

(World Wide Web dot) hearingreview (dot Com) /2014/10/marvels-newest-super-hero-hearing-loss/

I am unable to find this comic book on the internet at all and believe that it may be very rare.  I am starting the lot of these possibly rare comic books for a very low price.  They are all in mint or near mint condition. They certainly would be enjoyed by the deaf or hard of hearing although not limited to that by any means.  Collectors of comic books, please note.

Shipping and handling is $12.65 for Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.  Payment is to be made by Paypal.  Payment MUST be received within 5 days of close of auction or transaction is cancelled.   THIS AUCTION IS FOR USA BIDDERS ONLY.  IF YOU WIN THE ITEM AND DO NOT HAVE A USA ADDRESS, THE TRANSACTION WILL BE CANCELLED AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE COMICS.  Good luck.