Marvel Bronze 250+ Lot Giant-Size X-Men #1 Wolverine Strange Tales 178 Warlock
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Marvel Bronze 250+ Lot Giant-Size X-Men #1 Wolverine Strange Tales 178 Warlock


This collection is made up of all Marvel bronze age comics and has a ton of great content that's been blowing up recently. The story of this collection is quite the funny one, this man called us up looking to sell his collection and we were happy to help him. After talking on the phone with him for a while he seemed to be in a rush, we thought it was odd but set up a time and date to meet with him. When we met up with the man he was looking all around him as if very paranoid. We came to discussing the details on the collection and he explained that it was his collection but him and his wife couldn't agree on what to do with it and he wanted to sell it and that she wanted to give it to their grandkids. He said that knowing the actual value of the books that he could never do that, they were just babies and they would destroy them and kill the value, but he was more worried in this moment that his wife would kill him for doing this behind her back. What our fear of a potential scam collection turned into a man just being afraid of his wife.

Here are the details on the Collection:

Number of Books: 251
Approx. Average Grade: FN+
Approx. Grade Range: VG+ to VF
Percentage of Comics Photographed: 100%

Some of the Highlights of the collection include:

Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1st New Team; Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird)
Strange Tales #178 (1st Magus, Warlock Begins)
X-Men #121 (1st Alpha Flight)
X-Men #108 (1st John Byrne Art in Title)
Astonishing Tales #29 (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Marvel Feature #2 (2nd Defenders)
Amazing Spider-Man #135 (2nd Punisher)
Nova #1 (1st Appearance)

And MANY MANY More!!!

(All grade ranges are subject to rare exceptions and outliers both higher and lower than the listed grades)

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