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A set of *TWENTY* Marvel comics, all featuring WARLOCK. These are Marvel Premiere issues 1 and 2 [1972]; Warlock issues 1-14 [1973-75] and Strange Tales issues 178-181 [1975]. This is an *incredible* lot of key issues featuring ADAM WARLOCK -- including his first and second appearances as such in Marvel Premiere 1 and 2 (he had previously appeared as "Him" in Fantastic Four and Thor) -- the first fourteen issues of POWER of WARLOCK, including issues 9-14 of Jim Starlin's run with Magus and Thanos -- and STRANGE TALES issues 178-181, Starlin's entry into the character, including the first apperance of Magus (issue 178), and the first and second appearances of Gamora (180-181).

This is a great lot from my collection and is a fantastic run of Warlock key issues. This auction has NO RESERVE and FREE SHIPPING!

Pictures are presented to accurately convey the condition of the comics, which have been in my possession since publication. All come ‘bagged and boarded.’

 As the photos make clear, Marvel Premiere issue #1 does have a small cover tear in the bottom right hand corner. I point out this minor defect because I consider the rest of this lot to be of excellent condition and quality!

 They have been well-maintained since the date of purchase. Photos are provided for your assessment — any specific questions or additional photos can be requested. Except for extremely valuable comics I am selling, these will be graded using my own educated opinion rather than CGC.

 I am going to be selling a very large bronze age collection throughout the summer, so continue to check in on my page for additional offers.

 - NF