MARVEL, FANTASTIC FOUR Comic Book, Issue #4, May 1962 1.0 to 3.0-ish Grade
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MARVEL Comics, FANTASTIC FOUR comic book, Issue #4 from May 1962  ~~  1.0 to 3-ish Grade

Condition:  Please see photos!  I always strive to be 100% honest with all product descriptions.  In this case I am offering a grade range that I feel is honest and fair.  You need to judge for yourself the comic's condition based on the 12 photos and the description provided.  I have photos of all the comic pages, and I can send you the rest of them (the ones not pictured here), at your request.  The page quality of the ones not shown, are the same quality as the ones that are shown.

I place this comic in the 1.0 to 3.0 condition range.  The cover (especially the spine) is a 1-grade, but the internal pages are all complete and in at least "Good" (3.0) condition.  I see no markings or cut-outs, and the comic is complete (except for the small pin-up poster which is not included - but that does not affect the story).

This comic is not certified (professionally graded, encased in plastic), so in this case you can actually touch the paper, turn the pages, see the old advertisements, read the entire comic and enjoy it!  I hope the new owner reads and enjoys this comic in their hands like some kid did in 1962!

What I see: (please see photos)

The covers are faded and there are small tears and chipping along all edges.  Several small pieces are missing.  The cover is off the top staple, and hanging-on a tiny bit on the bottom staple.  There are major cover spine tears. The inside of the covers are medium-tan/light-brown to dark-tan/medium brown.  So the covers are 1.0-ish condition.

The internal pages are good, 3.0+ish condition.  They are light/medium tan - and their colors are good.  The paper is still touchable without feeling like it will disintegrate in your hands.  There are some folded over corners, and small tears.  A few pages may be off a staple or very close.  The staples are good and solid.  The comic story pages are complete (but missing the small pin-up poster) - and 100% readable and enjoyable.  

If you want a reading-quality FanFour #4 that is touchable and readable...for a budget - here it is!

Every comic is bagged in an archival-quality mylar bag. Comics are always well packaged, insured, trackable and shipped flat in a rigid cardboard envelope.  A signature will be required for this comic delivery.

Best regards!