Luke Cage Hero for Hire Vol. 1 Issue #1 1972 Marvel Comics Power Man John Romita
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Luke Cage, Hero for Hire Vol. 1 Issue #1
The overall condition of the comic book is Lower Middle Grade
Published: 1972
Writer: Archie Goodwin
Penciler: George Tuska
Cover Artists: John Romita
Out of Hell -- A Hero!

At Seagate Prison, Lucas is a prisoner who has been abused by those who warden over him. However, when he explains to prison physician Noah Burstein that while he wasn't the most law abiding citizen, he was framed for cocaine possession by his friend Willis Stryker, who then moved in on their criminal racket, and his girl, which eventually led to Reva's death. Burstein offers Lucas an early chance at parole if he helps with a scientific experiment.

However, when racist prison guard Billy Bob Rackham tampers with the machine, an unexpected effect: Lucas is granted enhanced strength and bullet proof skin. Once realizing this, Lucas uses his powers to escape Seagate, leaving the staff there to assume that he died trying to flee in the water.

Lucas eventually finds his way to New York City, where he decides to put his powers to use, earning himself some income as a "Hero for Hire". Buying a costume and taking on the name Luke Cage, Lucas begins his career as "Hero for Hire." Luke's activities make him popular among the people of Harlem, but also bring the attention of the local syndicates leader: Diamondback, a costumed criminal with trick switchblades, who as it turns out, is Luke's old friend Stryker.

The comic book has good eye appeal. The spine of the book is tight. The interior pages of the collection are off-white or tan.
Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 Imperfections:
-blunted corners
-small stress lines along the spine
-a number of imperfections due to handling
-tan back cover
-a number of small creases found on the front and back cover
-crease along the right reading edge of the front cover
-slight spine roll
-small tear along the right reading edge of the front cover
-small chip missing from the left reading edge of the back cover
I am not a professional grader. My opinion of the condition of the comic books is based on The Official Overstreet Comic Book Companion 11th Edition Comic Book Grading section. I hope the pictures I have provided can help you decide the overall condition of the books.
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