John Buscema FAMILY OWNED Original Artwork 1978 [1990s] Avengers Fantastic Four
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Aug 19, 2020 Start Date
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[UPDATE: Relisted after speaking with family, it is now up for auction. This also gives me the time I need to acquire the supplies I need to ship safely. The Original buyer was very understanding in my relisting. Thank you!]

[UPDATE #2: This listing is going to be sold strictly through eBay. I'm aware of other auction avenues, and appreciate the messages, but all of the advice I'm taking is from family and my immediate circle only, no matter the outcome]

[UPDATE #3: Any other pieces I have for sale will be listed here when they're listed, if they're listed. I won't discuss this privately through messages. No showings, I would prefer to maintain my privacy. Please understand, but again, thank you for your interest!]

[Marvel Book signed to me in last slides not part of, or for sale - uploaded as proof of kinship]

There is a lot to explain here, so bear with me.

This is a drawing I received from my maternal grandfather upon his passing in 2002. I can verify that I'm a family member if needed before shipment if there's any speculation - I want to be as transparent as possible about the drawing in question. This is apparently a unique piece that's worth its weight in history and highly collectible-value.

There are a lot of things that are sentimental to me about my grandfather and those things I'll carry for the rest of my life or will stay within my family or extended family. None of these things include comic book art. However, after decades of thought I've come to the conclusion that this deserves a better home.

My grandfather is credited with many things, but first and foremost, I've always seen him as a hard-working man who always put his family first and was in fact the glue that kept our entire family together. To me, I never saw him as a comic book artist and whose apparent notoriety was never a thought in my mind.

Feel free to message me about any questions regarding the piece. I will have another one or two on here soon as well.

Thank you for your interest.

- Ant


Artwork specs:

Size: Approx. 15" x 24"
Date: Approx. 1990-1999? [when I received it, I have no way of dating this piece, though it is an inking of a 1978 publishing from what I understand]
Signed: Yes
Canvas: Erebe Illustration Board
Instruments Used: Pencil and Ink

Flaws: See pictures. Minor imperfections
[Back of board slightly peeled,very minor humidity ripple or two, overall pretty crisp but not perfect]
If more description is needed, let me know.

*Will be shipped via FedEx with critical care and fully insured and signature required on deliver. All sales are final.
**Cannot offer International shipping at this time.

On Aug-21-20 at 12:59:54 PDT, seller added the following information:

[UPDATE #4: If you require any more info on this piece (imperfections, etc.) PLEASE message me! As I stated in the description, and made clear - there are imperfections, but overall this is in good condition. Imperfections on the front include the minor humidity ripple above Thor and a small, tiny crease above Surfer. Piece was penciled, and then inked, there are several pencil marks from my grandfather working on the piece. As also stated, I am unsure of the exact date of the piece, only that I first saw it in the 1990s in his studio and received it in the early 2000s.

I'm also standing firm in that this will not go to any 3rd-party auctioneer and am willing to incur any fees eBay will charge. I feel the most comfort directly sending the piece myself and having it professionally shipped by a source my family trusts. I cannot compromise on this unfortunately.

Good luck, and bid wisely!

- Ant ]

On Aug-22-20 at 03:46:06 PDT, seller added the following information:

[UPDATE #5: It's come to my attention that there is interest in more photos of the piece. As of 8/22 the auction still has 7 more days to go. During the week I will try to get some more snaps of the piece and post them in another update linked via an image-hosting site since I've already maxed-out eBay's allowance for pictures.

Also, there's been a few messages sent about the possibility of Local Pickup. To maintain my privacy, this is not an option. The piece will be shipped in an acid-free clear-bag with acid-free archival foamcore and professionally shipped and packaged under my supervision by a packaging company my family trusts.

Once again, thanks for the interest!

- Ant]

On Aug-25-20 at 14:48:13 PDT, seller added the following information:

[UPDATE #6: I can ship this out as early as Monday (8/31) after the auction ends on Saturday and the payment is confirmed as sent and received. I will be packaging it up this week as soon as I receive the archival art packing materials (acid-free) I ordered on Wednesday or Thursday so that it is ready to bring to the courier. You will receive the tracking number very soon after with direct signature confirmation upon receiving. Again, I want to be as thorough and transparent with this transaction as possible. I have given as much information as I could thus far to maintain a thorough description. Ask questions about the piece before bidding. I work full-time so I will try my best to answer those messages. I realize that this is a valuable acquisition to those in the running.

Also, again, I will not consider Local Pickup to maintain my privacy.

Thank you kindly, bid responsibly.

- Ant]

On Aug-26-20 at 11:34:45 PDT, seller added the following information:

[UPDATE #7 (Hopefully the Last): I've now uploaded several hi resolution photos of the piece onto Flickr for your viewing. I've had a couple of messages about the date of the piece. Again, I do not know. Please bid responsibly knowing that information, only that I received this from my grandfather after his passing and that I first saw it in the 90s. I am very, very unsure of whether this is from 1978. Again, there is no way for me to confirm this, but this is a piece penciled and inked from what I can gather. I received it from my grandfather. That's all I can postulate. Again, bid responsibly. It is possible and likely that those bidding have a better eye than I do.]

Anyway, have at!

Flickr Photos:

- Ant