Iron Man #1 Sketched by Bob Layton Iron Man in Spider-Man 300 Pose CGC 9.2
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 You are purchasing a CGC 9.2 Signature Series Iron Man #1 book with Original art on the cover by the famous Bob Layton.
The art is of Iron Man in the Spider-Man #300 Pose.  The picture used is of the actual item.

Bob Layton Bio:

One of the comics industry’s true visionaries at every level, creator, writer, artist, designer, and entrepreneur, Bob Layton has successfully migrated to other media, including television, animation and feature films.

If you’ve seen the Iron Man movies, then you’re familiar with Bob’s work, as the DVD extras make clear.

Bob reinvented the Iron Man comic in the late 70s, taking it from near-cancellation to one of Marvel’s all-time bestselling series. The classic Iron Man story “Demon in a Bottle” was recently voted “one of the top 20 comic stories of all time”. Bob also is credited as the co-creator of Marvel’s War Machine and DC Comics’ The Huntress, as well as designing Mattel’s hugely-successful “Secret Wars” toy line.

Numerous concepts and characters that Bob created are represented and credited on the silver screen in the 2008 motion picture “Iron Man” and the sequels, “IRON MAN 2 & 3“. Bob was on the set and had the thrilling opportunity to consult with the talented cast and crew.

Bob also launched the first mini-series in comics’ history at Marvel with his highly-praised Hercules—Prince of Power. That series, which Bob Layton wrote and drew, spawned a successful sequel, a graphic novel and is still available to this day in trade paperback format. Layton also revived the original X-Men characters at Marvel with his groundbreaking series X-Factor.

While at Marvel, Bob designed the highly-successful Marvel Secret Wars toy line for Mattel, which has been recently re-released by Hasbro Toys.

Second only to his tenure on Iron Man, Bob was instrumental in Valiant Comics’ meteoric success in the 90s — first as co-architect of the Valiant Universe and then, as its Co–Owner/Editor-In-Chief/Senior VP. When Bob inherited the controlling reins of the company from his predecessor, Valiant (Voyager Communications, Inc.) was nearly $4 million in the red. Undaunted, Layton succeeded in turning the company’s fortunes around, netting the company nearly $30 million in profits by his second year on the job.

In 1994, Valiant was sold to Acclaim Entertainment for the staggering price of $65 million. Among other accomplishments during his tenure at Valiant, Layton created major story concepts and art designs for the highly-successful Turok, Dinosaur Hunter video game (the largest selling game in Acclaim’s history — selling more than 1.5 million units) and won the comic industry’s most coveted award, Editor of the Year for 1993, as voted by the readers of Wizard Magazine. Bob stepped down as Valiant’s Senior Vice-President in 1996.

In June 2001, Bob, the late, great Dick Giordano, formed Future Comics and it’s cast of distinct and unusual properties including Freemind, Deathmask, Metallix and Peacekeeper. One of Future’s accomplishments was to revolutionize the distribution side of the comics business with the industry’s first, totally-autonomous Internet comics company, selling to readers and booksellers alike directly through the World Wide Web.

With a legendary body of comics work behind him, Bob made a career change, moved to Hollywood and turned his attentions to developing new properties for motion pictures and television. Those works include scripts for Nickelodeon’s “Iron Man Armored Adventures” and Cinemax’s “Femme Fatales”. Bob also works as a consultant and ‘script doctor’ among many of his duties in Tinseltown. No stranger to Hollywood throughout his career, Bob has worked with such Hollywood luminaries as Howard Stern, Tracy Torme’ (Star Trek, Sliders, Odyssey 5), Scott Winant (Huff, My So-Called Life, Thirtysomething), John Turman (Rise of the Sliver Surfer), Patrick Massett and Jon Zinman, (Caprica, Tomb Raider, Deep Blue Sea), David Nutter (Smallville, X-Files, Sarah Conner Chronicles) John Harrison (Dune, Children of Dune), Dane Cook, Edward James Olmos, and George Romero (Night of the Living Dead).

Bob is currently the co-creator/co-writer/executive producer on the upcoming comedy/horror film, “Shambler“ from Odyssey Pictures/Gillen Group and is hard at work writing the screenplay and comic book series of the new action/adventure film “Mettle” for Academy Award Nominee Edward James Olmos and his production company.