IRON MAN 1968-1996 Frankenstein Madame Masque Jack Hearts Romita Jr #101-117 FN
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Frankenstein Madame Masque Jack Hearts Romita Jr

 #101-117 FN = $79.00


IRON MAN (Marvel Comics Pub; First Series; 1968-1996);

#101(8/1977; Monster of Frankenstein-c/s;

#102(9/1977;George Perez-c; Dreadknight-c/s; Monster of Frankenstein app;


#104(Madame Masque-c/s;

#105(12/1977; Part-3 of 5 Parts; Jack of Hearts, Wraith, Jean DeWolff,Madame Masque& Guardsman;

#106(1/1978; Part-4 of 5 Parts; Jack of Hearts, Wraith, Jean DeWolff, Guardsman, Madame Masque;

#107(Part-5 of 5 Parts; Midas-c/s; Jack of Hearts, Wraith, Jean DeWolff, Guardsman, Madame Masque;

#108(3/1978; Yellowjack & Growing Man-c/s; Infantino-a; Jack of Hearts app;

#109(BYRNE-c; Part-1 of 3 Parts;Infantino-a; Jack of Hearts & Iron Manvs Soviet Super-Soldiers / Darkstar, Vanguard &Crimson Dynamo;

#110(5/1978; Part-2 of 3 Parts; Jack of Hearts-c/s; vs Soviet Super-Soldiers; Austin/Cockrum-c;

#111(Part-3 of 3 Parts; Jack of Hearts, Soviet Super-Soldiers,Colonizers, Knights of Wundagore;

#112(7/1978; Part-4 of4 Parts; Punisher from Beyond-c/s; Jack of Hearts, Soviet Super-Soldiers,Colonizers, Knights of Wundagore;

#113( 8/1978; John Romita Jr-c; Unicorn-c/s; Jack of Hearts cameo;

#114(Romita Jr-c; Giffen-a; Avengers-c/s; vs Arsenal;

#115(10/1978; short app Avengers; Ani-Men-c/s; Romita Jr-c;

#116(11/1978; Ani-Men app; Madame Masque-c/s; Romita Jr-c/a;

#117(12/1978; Spymaster-c/s; Layton & Romita Jr-c/a;

SET of #101-117 FINE, 6.0 Average Grade = $79.00



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