GN/TPB Batman The Dark Knight Returns #1-1986 nm+ 1st cover Frank Miller 1st pri
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------------------------------------------------- ---- ---- from DC from 1986 ------------- -

Softcoverbook GN/TPB !! -aprx 7" X 10" size-52 pages- - - 1st edition/1st print --------------------------------------

the Original GN series in its original 1st ever edition form!!



cover Frank Miller , Lynn Varley



Dark Knight Returns, The

(Sequence 1 - Story , 46 pages

Credits: Frank Miller (Script), Frank Miller (Pencils), Klaus Janson (Inks), Lynn Varley (Colors), John Costanza (Letters).

a dark, depressing world where criminals run amok in the absence of superheroes. Gotham City is terrorized by a gang of vicious and aimless teenage murderers, the Mutants. A now 55-year-old Bruce Wayne has been retired for ten years following the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd (murdered by the Joker). Attempting to bury his guilt over Jason's death, Wayne has turned to alcoholism, near-suicidal recreational activities, and has funded the rehabilitation of Two-Face in an attempt to prove to the world - and to himself - that a man's demons can be truly exorcised. On the eve of Commissioner Gordon's forced retirement, however, two events push Wayne to reestablish the presence of his alter ego: a major crime wave hits the city, and Two-Face's rehabilitation goes awry.

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