Fantastic Four #48 - CGC 4.0 - Marvel 1966 - First App Silver Surfer & Galactus

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Fantastic Four #48 - CGC 4.0 - Marvel 1966 - First App Silver Surfer & Galactus

Fantastic Four #48 - CGC 4.0 - Marvel 1966 - First Appearance of Silver Surfer & Galactus - Up for sale is what many comic book specialists are now considering the second best comic book investment of today (second only to Hulk #181) (Google this book and you'll see lots of articles on its investment potential).  All I know is that according to my detailed sales records, Fantastic Four #48 has actually out-returned Hulk #181 in percentage terms over the last two years.  What is beyond dispute though is that this is an awesome book!  Part of it is because, in March 2019, Disney bought 21st Century Fox, which held the rights for FF movies.  So basically the FF team is back in the Marvel fold, and there is huge hope that Marvel will start making FF movies that, unlike those from 21st Century Fox, WON'T suck! (you know it's bad when not even getting to watch Jessica Alba can save it).  Please note that the pics do show some glare from the mylar, but that's all it is; nothing wrong with the case.  This book will ship via USPS Priority Mail, fully insured, with signature required, in absolute BULLET PROOF packaging, all at a well-below-true-cost of $9.95 to you.  I always ship items the very next morning after payment is received.  Thanks for looking.

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