Fantastic Four #1 (CGC 4.0) O/W pages; Origin/1st app. FF and Mole Man (c#25823)
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CGC Universal Grade [Blue Label] Third-party graded comic book   General note about Newton’s Rings: Encapsulated comic books sometime exhibit a visual distortion, when held at certain angles, of “oily” rainbow patterns which are named Newton’s Rings. These anomalies are not on the book itself, and are just an effect of the case’s inner well pressing against the outer capsule. The Newton’s Rings can occur in varying degrees from barely noticeable to significantly visible. There is unfortunately very little to be done in terms of re-holdering books which exhibit these “rings”, as there is no guarantee from the company responsible that the effect will not occur on the re-holdered book to the same degree or more. If this effect is bothersome to you as a collector, we strongly suggest sending a note to the company responsible for encapsulating the books and urging them to rework their holdering processes to cease the occurrence of this effect.