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 Art and story by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee..

This is the fourth appearance of the Fantastic Four and the first Silver Age appearance of the Sub-Mariner, a classic silver age key, but it is incomplete. It is missing the cover and a number of pages as detailed below. ALL missing pages have been replaced with high quality scans printed on paper that is very similar to vintage newsprint, close to feel and  texture. However, the colors might be SLIGHTLY off/different/darker. Please look closely at the pictures provided.

1.      Cover missing – replaced by wrap around scan with images of both outside and inside(ads)covers. Printed on 14" x 10" white paper.

    12th page/leaf/the Mr. Fantastic pin up and an ad page missing - replaced with a color scan and reattached with archival tape.. 

.    The remaining original pages are off-white to white. The first wrap was split, detached and loose; it has been reattached with archival tape. The first page/leaf is a little torn andfrayed along the edges.  The second wrap has some tape repairs along the inside spine. .All covers and pages have been reattached using the original staples.

Being coverless and incomplete, the grade is Poor(0.1), the lowest grade possible. However, the comic is still readable and looks quite presentable. 

Bid with confidence! I’ve sold a number of comics over the past few years and so far, my buyers have liked my grading, descriptions and service, and I have received 100% positive feedback and a Top Seller PLUS rating. I hope to maintain that standing. I have been buying and selling comics and related material through the mails since the late 1960's, almost 50 years! Previously, I was a regular advertiser with the old Comicollector, RB-CC and The Comics Buyers Guide. I am using my experience to grade and provide the essential scans and descriptions for you to properly assess the condition of the item. If you need more information or scans, please feel free to ask any questions or references. I am well known to several of the major national dealers and auction houses. I have many more items that I want to sell as I am disposing the remnants of a once vast inventory and collection. 

Shipping terms: all items are carefully packed and sent economy unless you specify otherwise. 

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!