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Mar 8, 2016 Start Date
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Complete, original, solid, tight, clean copy

COVER DESCRIPTION: Attached [tight], flat, CLEAN

INTERIOR PAGE DESCRIPTION: Supple, solid, strong

INTERIOR PAGE COLOR: A very desirable -- Off-White/White




GRADE: 4.0

PRICE: $2,800



ACTIVE LISTING OFFERS: in order to encourage genuine negotiations that may help a buyer secure a DISCOUNTED purchase, I have provided an eBay ---   "MAKE-AN-OFFER"  --- option on ALL my listings --- with the following guideline that should cover MOST buyers' legitimate concerns.


1] I appreciate when anyone takes the time to carefully consider my listings --- especially when they make a GENUINE offer that is reasonably close to my listed price.

    With all the effort involved in maintaining a GROWING selection of QUALITY books, I no longer have the TIME to try and convince a prospective buyer that they should increase their offer on a book that I have already tried to DISCOUNT --- BEFORE listing.


2] My NEW eBay policy is SIMPLE: Almost ALL eBay listed books have been REDUCED in PRICE before uploading in an attempt to bring the LISTED PRICE of each book BELOW the current average MARKET price [ referencing the Price Guide, GPA, and RECENT actual SALES ].  

    It will be OBVIOUS that the RARER and/or more DESIRABLE the book, the smaller the DISCOUNTED price needs to be to attract a serious buyer --- with SOME of the most desirable books listed at NO apparent discount.

    In addition, please consider that market information is NEVER --- TOTAL, COMPLETE, or FINAL. As a result, after reciving an offer for any of these ACTIVE LISTINGS, I may RE-EVALUATE the book using the most CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE market info --- and then --- LOWER or RAISE the listed price --- IMMEDIATELY.


3] I have found that almost all buyers of VALUABLE books have taken the time to personally EVALUATE each listed book, using SIMILAR reference criteria --- BEFORE they make a purchase.

    Therefore, many buyers now pay the LISTED eBay price [sometimes after they have submitted an offer that was politely declined] in order to avoid the RISK of losing the book to an eager buyer who IMMEDIATELY recognizes the VALUE of the DISCOUNTED listed price --- and CLOSES the listing.

    Consequently, many times while a potential buyer is either considering a book or submitting an offer, the listed book will just DISAPPEAR [poof!] --- GONE from eBay --- meaning that the discounted book SOLD in a private transaction [snooze & loose].


4]The astute and knowledgeable buyer will notice that SOME books have a LARGER listed discount. This means that MANY listed books will SELL --- at the CURRENT DISCOUNTED listed price --- WITHOUT any additional "make-an-offer" discount.

    Please consider and remember the above BEFORE you make a decision on ANY of my listings.


5] I know that this NEW policy alters the nature of the -- "MAKE-AN-OFFER" -- option, however, it is as EASY as A-B-C:

     A] If I consider the "OFFER" unreasonable, I will just CANCEL by DELETING.

     B] When I consider the OFFER reasonable, but insufficient at the time, I will send a sincere response to the potential buyer thanking them for their offer.

     This means that ANY response you receive for your offer is an invitation to re-consider and submit ANOTHER offer --- while the listing remains ACTIVE.

     C] When... I consider an OFFER reasonable, I will SOLD.


     FINALLY --- I do not send counter-offers


   Well.... after assessing the recent results of the new eBay DISCOUNTED sales policy, I find that it is UNNECESSARY and IMPRACTICAL to engage in the negotiating DELAYS that occur when sending, and waiting for a COUNTER-OFFER response --- while other offers for the SAME book demand IMMEDIATE attention.


    PLEASE do NOT ask for a "BOTTOM LINE" price --- I have time [and I am happy] to respond only --- to REAL offers --- ASAP.




   I try to UPLOAD new books EVERY WEEK.

   Please remember, the books that appear on my eBay store are a representative selection. If you are interested in viewing a LARGER selection of VINTAGE books, contact me for details. 


PHONE: 631- 543-5737  [Please leave message]
CELL: 631- 835-5702     [24 hours/365 days]
EMAIL: The BEST way to contact me [24 hours/365 days]


*** I have been buying, reading and COLLECTING comic books since 1959. ***

*** I have been BUYING and SELLING comic books ---- full time ---- since 1972. ***


*** If you have any books FOR SALE [ANY grade] that are dated BEFORE 1969, please contact me with the total QUANTITY [approx.] of books for sale, and the TITLES and NUMBERS of the issues. 

Finally, PLEASE contact me when you have included your ASKING price for the WHOLE group.


INQUIRIES: In order to hold down the costs of preparing, and marketing the large volume of SCARCE items listed on my eBay store site, I find that I do not have the TIME to respond personally to ANY specific requests for ADDITIONAL information [Scans, book content, descriptions…etc.] on ANY of my eBay store listings, EXCEPT listing ERRORS.


  While I recognize that the "Overstreet Price Guide" has been a valuable reference and price tool since 1970, there are very REAL limitations that are either IGNORED or UNKNOWN to many eBay buyers.

ITEM #1] OVER 80% of ALL the books listed in the "price guide" --- are OVERPRICED ---- MEANING that they have a lower [average] REAL market value than the "price guide" listed price.

ITEM #2] A small [1% - 5%] of ALL the books listed in the "price guide" --- are UNDERPRICED -- MEANING that they have a higher [average] REAL market value than the "price guide" listed price.

I SPECIALIZE --- in older, scarcer, more desirable books ---- many of which have an [average] real MARKET price GREATER than the "price guide".


  Due to the recent "feedback" policies eBay has enacted, I now receive NEGATIVE feedback from "BUYERS" [DEADBEATS] who NEVER PAID! ---- OR --- troublemakers that have been BLOCKED, who then commit MORE unwanted mayhem by using ANOTHER eBay ID for the SOLE purpose of leaving NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! ------- And finally, those "buyers" whose NEG. feedback "complaint" is DELIBERATELY FALSE  because it is based on a LISTING ERROR! [which they do not reveal] ---- This is --- INSANE!

  As a result of this [and OTHER] kinds of eBay feedback sabotage, I no-longer take NEGATIVE feedback seriously. Think about it ---- an eBay seller who is CONSISTENTLY receiving POSITIVE feedback from buyers on a REGULAR basis, is a much more significant indication of customer SATISFACTION than the isolated and UNRELIABLE negative remarks of a trouble-maker.

  Due to the large volume of store listings that I maintain, I regret that I can only leave positive feedback to eBay buyers who REQUEST feedback by sending me an email with a LINK to the book(s) that sponsors the appeal.


  I will consider larger discounts on any GROUP of books that I have in my eBay store listings. You may email me with your group list and your OFFER. 


ALL scans that appear in any of my store listings are the ACTUAL scan of the book you will be buying. I do not believe ANY book should be listed by using a SUSTITUTE --- "stand-in"--- scan that can only leave you guessing.

CAUTION: Due to the large volume of listings and scans, SOMETIMES ---- for example, a "VF" SCAN will [in error] be posted with a "VG" listing, ---- and vice versa. Therefore, if a scan or a description does NOT appear to be accurate --- then it could be a LISTING ERROR.



CONSERVATION: Usually "sealed tear(s)" that are done using "archival" techniques and materials [like "rice paper" OR "archival tape"], and that are reversible without further damage to the book.

REPAIR: Usually "sealed tears" using invasive and NON-REVERSABLE materials ----- like non-archival tape, glue and extra staples.

RESTORATION: Usually chips, or pieces of the paper that are MISSING, and that are RESTORED by filling with archival "rice" paper and then adding COLOR[usually acrylic paint] to cover the blank white paper fill.