DANGER UNLIMITED Original Comic Book Trading Card Art JOHN BYRNE Fantastic Four
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DANGER UNLIMITED Original Comic Book Trading Card Art JOHN BYRNE Fantastic Four SIGNED

Greetings.  Offered for sale is the original art for a pair of promotional trading cards featuring the comic book superhero team “DANGER UNLIMITED” drawn by John Byrne.   

This is a spectacular illustration of John Byrne's "DANGER UNLIMITED" superhero team. 

"Byrne says he has been misquoted about his intention for the title [DU]. He never said it was "the Fantastic Four done right." His self-described quote was, "Well, since nobody else is doing the Fantastic Four" -- that is, an old-fashioned, adventure-based superhero series suitable for all ages -- "I thought I would." That the book was not a copy of the earlier title is bolstered by the fact that while the "original" Danger Unlimited team had similar attributes to the Fantastic Four, the later team had different powers and backgrounds.  

As per John Byrne's website (and the pencil notations to the top), this illustration was created for two interlocking Danger Unlimited trading cards.  I seem to recall reading somewhere that these were (or were to be) Dark Horse/Legend promo cards for the title, but I can find no confirmation that the cards were actually produced or published.  

The image area is approximately 11” tall by 16” wide.  It is signed ("John" on the left half and "Byrne" on the right half); it is not dated (circa 1994).      

This is the original art (rendered in pencil, pen and ink) for these trading cards, drawn by John Byrne (it is NOT a copy, or a proof or a stat or a reproduction).        

This illustration features the entire DU team (original foursome plus new members): Miss Mirage (Connie Carlson); Thermal (Calvin Carlson); Doc Danger (Robert Carlson); Hunk (Mike Worley); Belabet (Cpl. Teresa Lafayette) and Caucus (3 clones; Prof. Davis Palmenter).  An awesome and iconic image by a talented creator.       

Comic Book and Artist Information

DANGER UNLIMITED was an American comic book.  It was published by Dark Horse in 1994, and ran four issues.  The book featured a team of super powered beings/heroes (somewhat similar to the FF) who battled alien invaders and other menaces.  The original team, featuring the Carlsons and Mike Worley, obtained their powers by exposure to an alien substance ("gunk") in 1959.  Battling evil and crime for 25 years, they apparently went into stasis in 1985, waking again in 2061, to an Earth ruled by aliens (the Xlerii).  Two more persons were exposed to the alien "gunk" and became Belabet and Caucus, who eventually joined the team.  The feeling was that the team would battle to reveal the nefarious plans of the Xlerii (who were subtly altering the Earth to suit themselves) and lead an insurrection to get rid of the alien usurpers.  Alas, DU fell victim to the comic industry implosion of the mid-1990s when Mr. Byrne decided to cancel the series.     

John Byrne (b. 1950), who wrote and drew Danger Unlimited, broke into comics in 1974. Working mostly for Charlton at first, he soon moved to Marvel, and in 1977 he took over penciling The X-Men, collaborating with writer Chris Claremont and inker Terry Austin, and quickly becoming a fan-favorite as well as one of the highest paid artists in the industry. Among Byrne’s most celebrated stories are his runs as artist on Captain America (1979-80), and writer-artist on the Fantastic Four (1981-86) and Alpha Flight (1983-86), as well as a six-issue run on the Incredible Hulk. In 1986 DC hired Byrne to revamp Superman, but he left the character after only two years due to creative differences. Byrne returned to Marvel, working on the Sensational She-Hulk, Avengers West Coast, and Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Among Byrne’s many later works are the creator-owned John Byrne’s Next Men, and Danger Unlimited, as well as more work for DC and Marvel.       

Condition:  The art has some significant creasing to the lower left of the board (5.5" diagonal crease to lower left through image; 3" crease to lower left through image; 4" crease across bottom of image; 1" crease to lower right outside of image).  I have taken care to describe the creases in some detail, but, while visible, they do not substantially detract from the appearance of the art.  The art is in otherwise is in “very good” condition on Bristol Board with minor handling wear.  The board is also scored across the top (at top edge of image) and folds over; the printing instructions (in pencil) are on the top section.  Otherwise, there is minor handling wear.  No stats or paste overs or white out corrections (white out apparently used for "Thermal" effect).  Owned by an adult collector in a smoke free home. 

ex-Shamus Modern Masterworks Collection of original comic art. 

John Byrne art is red hot these days and primo pieces rarely come on the market.  Don't let this one get away from you! 

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