CGC 8.5 Avengers #83 *Off-White*1970*1st App. Valkyrie & the Liberators*
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Just In! July - 2016 - (I requested old style cases for this batch)


Keep me bookmarked! I have many more CGC items on the way in the months to come.


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My father has been a comic book collector and dealer for over 30 years, and I have been learning from him for as long as I could remember. We both grade the NON-CGC inventory you see whenever it's listed in our eBay store: PureLuck Collectables. The grades assigned to our auctions are estimates that my father and I have given them according to the “Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide” First Edition (printed in 1992) and other CGC graded books in our possession as a reference. We try to evaluate books as best we can in regards to their grades according to our experience and knowledge. Picture scans of the Front and Back of the comic book are also provided with every listing (unless it’s a cgc listing) (and this does not include comic book LOT listings) so that you could see the book for yourself and agree or disagree with the evaluations.


- Alex


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