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Back in 1986 when I was forced to sell my collection, I purchased this 1st EDITION, FIRST PRINTING of the trade paperback of The Dark Knight Returns to compensate myself for having to sell my four original copies of this groundbreaking series.  The cover shows signs of wear.  The corners are bent, the cover is scuffed and the color has flaked away from the spine from being opened and read so much (see pictures), but the interior pages are all bright and clean and unmarked. This TPB includes an introduction by Alan Moore.

I collected comics for many moons, but was forced to sell them in 1986 when times got hard. I sold everything except a couple of trade paperbacks I couldn’t part with.  Time passed and my situation improved, so I tried collecting again. First, I bought a lot of trade paperbacks of old favorites, then purchased some recommended titles to get caught up with all the storylines.  That’s when I found out about the New 52, so I decided to buy the #0 issues of anything I thought I might want to follow.  If I liked it I’d keep collecting; if not, I’d stop.  Next I bought as many issues as I could afford of the DC Comics titles I knew for sure I wanted to follow.  Previously I had only collected DC titles, but since I was starting fresh, I thought I’d check out a few Marvel titles as well. Again I got some recommended titles and picked up a few issues of characters I liked from the animated series and the movies. 

Basically, I bought a LOT of comics at once in 1999 only to discover that it hurt my eyes to read them.  With a heavy heart, I cancelled my subscriptions and called it quits before I even truly began.  Most of the comics I purchased were still boarded, bagged and unopened when I put them in a closet. And there they have remained, until now. 

I’m selling as much of my sad little collection as I am able, for probably much less than they’re worth for two reasons.  First, I need the space.  They take up a lot of room and I don’t have much storage here.  Second and most importantly, I can’t enjoy these comics, but I’d like to see them in the hands of people who can.

While I’m no expert in grading a comic, sealed in a bag for almost 15 years is pretty close to mint in my opinion, but you be the judge. I’ll do my best to describe each item accurately and photograph any flaws I see.  If you have any questions, please ask before you bid.

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