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 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
by Frank Miller with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley
Introduction by Alan Moore
(trade paperback)
Published by DC Comics Inc.
written by Frank Miller
penciller   Frank Miller
inker   Klaus Janson
letterer  John Costanza
colorist     Lynn Varley
ISBN 0-930289-13-7
Paperback   224 pages
Publisher :  DC Comics (October 1986)

Overall Rating :  5 Star Review
Set in Gotham's future, the story revolves around Batman (aka The Dark Knight) who has long since given up the mantle of the bat to pursue an unfulfilled life as simple Bruce Wayne. But this is a harsh future, where the violence that pervades Gotham City has only escalated, and Bruce finally breaks down and takes up again his vigilante role. This sets in motion a chain of events that not only explores the questions of who the Batman really is, and what he really does, but also one that eventually leads to the Batman's final destruction.

Miller's understanding of the genre is formidable, and his gift for near-cinematographic story telling makes the tale a joy to read. Despite the story being set in the future, Miller uses it as a vehicle to explore the essential nature of the Batman, his character, his motivations, and his past.
For those who are already devotees of the DC comics' characters, many of them appear in this book, and Miller explores them in a similarly interesting fashion.

The book has a lot of depth, and makes excellent use of tools of the medium. Miller's gift for layout is vast, and while his illustration is somewhat chunky, (an effect accentuated by Janson's distinctive inking) it also captures an amazing variety of nuance. Varley's coloring is similarly excellent, capturing the mood of the piece well, and to date, DC has reprinted it to the standard which it deserves.

Description: Trade Paperback, softcover, intro & all 4 stories, squarebound.  Book is new, unread and in Near Mint (NM) Condition

Near Mint (NM) Condition:

-light scuffing on front & back covers (mostly black cover)

-rubbing on spine at top & bottom edges

 -crease runs along spine from top to bottom - this is a natural consequence of how the TPB was bound, therefore, it is not a condition issue but a manufacturing one.

- inside pages are as new, unread, absolutely pristine

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