BATMAN ANNUAL #1 Vol 2 NM 1st Print New 52 Snyder Capullo Night of The Owls
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1st PrintCONDITION: NEAR MINTUse the categories in my eBay store to help search for more comic titles
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Canada1 comic -$5.00 (No Tracking, no refund)1 comic -$15.25 (With Tracking/Insurance)2 comics -$6.50 (No Tracking, no refund)2 comics -$16.50 (With Tracking/Insurance)3-4 comics -$8.00 (No Tracking no refund)3-4 comics -$18.00 (With Tracking/Insurance)5-7 comics -$19.75 (With Tracking/Insurance, shipped in a box)8-20 comics -21.000 (With Tracking/Insurance, shipped in a box)21-30 comics -$23.50 (With Tracking/Insurance, shipped in a box)*Insurance past $100 will cost $1.50 per $100*

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HOW I SHIPI mail the 1-4 comics taped between 2 thick pieces of cardboard. They are in an envelope with DO NOT BEND written on the front.5 and over I use the same pieces of cardboard and a box.I use Canada Post to mail comics.
THINGS TO NOTESome things are repeated from the top...
The Canadian Comic Bin is Currently on the road travelling Across Canada.We will be buying, selling and shipping from where ever we are in the country. The reason for this is that I'm also a musician currently touring a new album neilcrowe. com for the curious
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