Avengers 101-120 [LOT of 20] Marvel 1972-74 Stan Lee; Vision/Thor/Cap/Iron Man
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Off-white to cream-color pages. 

Most copies are quite nice. 

Some wear and tear present on most issues. 

Generally very nice collection of bronze age Avengers comics!

Avengers 101-120 [LOT of 20] Marvel 1972-74

Creators: S.Lee, R.Buckler, F.Giacoia, H.Ellison, R.Thomas, D.Adkins, J.Costa, J.Sinnott, S.Rosen, J.Costanza, J.Buscema, J.Mooney, S.Englehart, G.Tuska, D.Cockrum, J.Starlin, D.Vladimer, G.Wein, P.Goldberg, C.Jetter, Stan G., F.McLaughlin, D.Heck, M.Esposito, S.Leferman, F.Bolle, B.Brown, A.Simek, J.Izzo, J.Romita, J.Braverman, T.Orz., G.Roussos

Featuring: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, Quicksilver, Watcher, Scarlet Witch, Grim Reaper, Sentinel, Hawkeye, Blob, Beast-Brood, Black Panther, Man-Frog, Ka-Zar, Gaza, Barbarus, Lupo, Equilibrius, Brainchild, Lorelei, Hydra, Captain Marvel, Buckeye, Space Phantom, Champion, Magneto, X-Men, Daredevil, Lion-God, Living Bombs, Mantis, Swordsman, Skol, Troglodytes, Loki, Dormammu, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie, Sunrise, Dr. Strange, Collector, Zodiac

101 Low-Mid 

102 Mid - mild staining back cover

103 Mid - mild denting front cover

104 Mid-High

105 Mid

106 Mid - fold mark and small scuff mark front cover

107 Mid-High - small green mark front cover bottom left

108 Mid - small tears on bottom of back and front cover; some crinkling front cover top

109 Mid - some denting back cover; some wear on top of front cover

110 Mid

111 Mid - scuff mark front cover

112 Mid - centerfold detached at bottom staple

113 Mid

114 Mid

115 Low-Mid

116 Mid-High

117 Low-Mid

118 Low-Mid - black ink smearing on back cover

119 Low-Mid - discoloration top of front cover

120 Mid-High - mild scuffing on back cover

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