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These comics have been read and bagged, some with backing board, and stored in a comic book box since new.
You will be getting the following Avengers comics:1996 Volume 2 #'s: 1-131998 Volume 3 #'s: 1-82005 Avengers Finale2005 New Avengers #1-5 + #5 Variant1995 The Last Avengers Story #'s: 1-2
Condition of comicsI'm a casual comic book collector and by no means an expert on grading, which is very subjective by both the buyer and seller.  I HAVE NOT looked closely at each individual comic so please inspect the pictures as to their condition. Based on the grading scale at the end of this description and my limited inspection, I would give an overall grade of VF/VF+ or better (except as noted above).My pictures are high quality and show you the covers of all the comics you will be getting as well as a closer pictures of key issues and story arcs to give you a representation of the overall condition. Any questions regarding these comics and their individual condition are welcome before an offer or purchase is made.The pictures represent the actual comics you are receiving and are sold AS IS!
Comics will be securely bubble wrapped and shipped by USPS Mail OR FedEx.
See my other listings for additional comic lots, cards and collectibles and combine to save on both pricing and shipping costs.Please email me with any questions or additional information you may need!

Grading Guide

Using the standard grade as set up in the Overstreet comic book grading guide and the 10 point grading system it corresponds with, The Grades are as follows:


MT 9.9 - Only 1 very very subtle Bindery defect allowed

NM/MT 9.8 - Only minor imperfections (such as an almost unnoticable interior page tear (under 1/32 of an inch) or a small inconspicuous date stamp (must be very well hidden almost unnoticable

NM+ 9.6 - same as 9.8 but with small almost imperceptible indentations allowed and/or slight staple discoloration

NM 9.4 - same as 9.6 but with an up to 1/16 inch bend without any color break (no white showing through the color) also ever-so-slight blunting of the corners and a few VERY SLIGHT stress lines

NM- 9.2 same as above but page color may be off-white to cream in color and that 1 cover crease can be 1/16 to 1/8 inch with no color break allowed

VF/NM 9.0 - 1/8 inch bend with no color break, very minor foxing allowed, small amount of cover wear, several date stamps and or small hidden initials allowed, slight staple tears allowed - Minor Accumulation of stress lines allowed and some very minor interior tears allowed

VF+ 8.5 - 1/4 inch cover crease with no color break allowed, Minor spine split with some minor color break allowed, Some slightly more noticeable stress lines allowed and paper can be Cream to Tan but must remain supple

VF 8.0 - Same as 8.5 but with some very very minor spine roll -- Must lay almost completely flat

VF- 7.5 - same as 8.0 but cover can have light cover soiling and some interior pages can have corner slight tears - Also cover can have some corner wear.

F/VF 7.0 -  Moderate reduction of cover reflectivity - minor creases allowed, minor foxing, interior cover yellowing, date stamps - initials - and store stamps are allowed, Slight rust migration allowed, Blunted corners, minor margin tears on interior pages allowed -- More and deeper stress lines allowed

FN+ 6.5 - up to 1/4 inch spine split or severe color break are allowed - Minor spine rolls allowed and cover can have minor discoloration, staining and/or foxing as well as minor to moderate cover creases

FN 6.0 - same as 6.5 But with a loose but attached centerfold

FN- 5.5 - Same as above but with some Marvel Chipping present as well as some bundling ridges and minor abraded edges - also light pencil marks possible

VG/FN 5.0 - Low cover gloss possible minor to moderate dimples and creases Present, up to 1/2 inch spine split, Moderate Rolling of the spine - May also have the begining of an acid oder

VG+ 4.5 - Cover wear is moderate to significant - cover may be loose... Cover may be faded staples discolored, moderate staple tears up to 1" spine split, moderate stress lines moderate interior tears minor oder minor repairs and up to a 1/4 inch triangle or 1/8 square missing (must not effect story) + Pages can be brown but not brittle

VG 4.0 - same as above but with heavy spine wear and brown staining on cover - also some pen and/or pencil writting is common but should not be excessive

VG- 3.5 - same as 4.0 but with frayed edges, Oxidation shadows on the cover and Larger cover creases - with many dimples and abraded corners

G/VG 3.0 - Very low or no cover gloss, cover may be detached on one staple, 1 1/2 inch spine split, Interior tears and larger up to 1/2 inch chunks missing (must not effect story) - staples may have been replaced and book length creases may be present