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click here to pre-qualify From the guys who auctioned off the worlds best copy of Action Comics #1...


Up for auction:  THE SINGLE HIGHEST GRADED COPY in the WORLD of the 1st APPEARANCE OF WONDER WOMAN!   ALL STAR COMICS #8 CGC 9.4  OW/W (NEAR PERFECT off white to white pages). Like the 1st appearances of Batman and Superman, this may be the only chance to own HIGHEST GRADED PIECE of the GOLDEN AGE TRINITY.

Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman are the 3 leading characters that truly represent the Golden Age of comic books. Superman was introduced in Action Comics #1 in 1938. Tied with one other issue as the best existing copy, we sold a CGC 9.0 W for 3.2 million dollars three years ago. The ultimate buyer of the book turned out to be a billionaire from Lebanon whose father was once the prime minister of the country.  In fact, he once proudly displayed an incredible comic book collection dubbed "The Impossible Collection" at the movie premiere of Batman v. Superman in London, England. It was revealed there, that not only did he own the copy we sold, he also owns the Nicholas Cage copy (CGC 9.0 C/OW) that sold for $2.1 million dollars in 2011. Subsequently adding to his collection, the superior 9.0 white page copy for 3.2 million a mere 3 years later. It should be noted that the underbidder of that auction reached out immediately after the auction and stated that if the winning bidder changes their mind, that they would definitely take it. With a high profile, one of a kind sale such as this, the book is worth what a person is willing to sell it for, and what a person is willing to pay for it.  So why would a person who has more than enough money part with the best-known copy of the 1st appearance of Superman?  This is the beauty of owning the very best of the best.  For the next buyer who "must" have it, they would need to offer an insane amount of money in order to get the owner to even consider selling the book.   Would he take 5 million? Probably not. It would most likely take an excess of 10 million to get his attention, and that is if he even wanted to sell it.  How do you place a price on something that is unavailable?As we examine Detective Comics #27 – first appearance of Batman, the nicest existing copy grades out even higher than Action #1. It is a CGC 9.2 and ranks as the single highest graded copy.  It has never publicly traded hands and rumor has it, the owner of it also does not need the money and is not interested in selling it. So, once again how much would a person have to spend in order to buy that book? Which leads us to this book, All Star Comics #8, graded CGC 9.4 OW/W. This is an incredible and quite possibly legitimate, once in a lifetime opportunity.Ebay proudly presents the HIGHEST GRADED  piece of the Golden Age Trinity, the SINGLE HIGHEST GRADED COPY in the world of the very first appearance of Wonder Woman- All Star comics #8! Like the first appearance of Superman and Batman before it, this could very well be the only chance you may have to ever own this book. One thing is certain, whoever purchases this book can lay claim to owning the highest graded copy of one of the biggest 3 comic books in the industry!Whoever wins this book will also own a unique piece of comic book history in that these three characters are the only Golden Age superheroes to have continuous running comic book series from their inception to present each now crossing the 75-year landmark. In addition, Wonder Woman is the only female character from that era to do so. These three Golden Age characters are also some of the only ones successful enough to have a television series.  They were so successful, in fact that the three lead actors were typecast, and forever identified with their comic book alter egos, (George Reeves, Adam West, and Lynda Carter). The success of the 1950’s Superman show gave birth to the parody of Batman in the 1960’s, on a campy TV show in which many Hollywood actors wanted to get a guest spot or even a cameo on it. While Wonder Woman in the 1970’s led to other female characters such as The Bionic Woman and inspired women and young girls alike everywhere.   Like the introduction to the character, women who watched that show felt empowered and motivated during a very busy era of the women’s rights movement.Wonder Woman isn't just one of the biggest three Golden Age characters, but an icon for rights and inspiration. This emotional chord has never been more on display than last month when Gal Gadot's portrayal of the character hit big screens, shattering box office records, much to emotional applause and admiration, with a sequel already announced and her next appearance in this year’s Justice League movie.When the character was originally created, she stood out as a role model for women everywhere among the male powers of Batman and Superman. There is a distinct difference between Wonder Woman and her counterparts. Not only was her original costume controversial, but she is also unique in that the success of her character defied the odds.  Most readers where males, the workforce was dominated by males, as were leading positions of authority within our government and industry.  She managed to succeed and truly has become the blueprint, and the gold standard of all female superhero characters that have been developed since. In today's comic book market, it is estimated that 50 percent or more of the readers are female. And quite possibly, in the not too distant future, it is feasible that the first appearance of Wonder Woman could exceed the value of the first appearance of Superman or Batman.  As society progresses and we get further and further from the suppression of women, this book will be viewed as more than what it currently is, the origin and first appearance of Wonder Woman in a comic book, but perhaps also a piece of American history. This may be the only opportunity you ever have at owning this iconic piece.  Like the Action Comics #1, whoever wins this book is going to be very serious about keeping it.  And rest assured, should they ever decide to sell, it will probably be at multiple times the amount they paid for it in this very auction.  So, if you are really serious about owning this Iconic piece, this would be the time to reasonably justify bidding higher than you normally would.  With the price you pay today, it gives you bragging rights to own the only copy in existence, and to name your price tomorrow.With less volatility than stocks, this book only has one direction to go! Up! Golden Age first appearances represent the upper echelon of comic book investments. In addition, comic book investments as a category drastically lag behind their counterparts, such as art, in which relatively unknown pieces to the public can sell for 100+ million dollars Or a Ming dynasty vase that could fetch 60-70 million dollars. Or in today's headlines where a bag of moon dust sells for nearly 2 million dollars. Comic book categories are in their infancy when you consider their popularity and their role in American pop culture, and the massive commercials for them in the form of full feature movies that Americans and the world drastically crave.   There could never be a better time, and in fact better opportunity to ever purchase a significantly historical piece such as this, so bid accordingly.     

  • Origin & 1st Appearance of Wonder Woman
  • CGC 9.4 off White to White Pages
  • Original on sale date 10/23/41
a portion of this sale  will benefit Trafficking Hope .....  CLICK HERE to find out how you can help. The War-Time Comic Find Mere months before the dawn of WWII, December 7, 1941, and continuing until just a few months before the war ended, the owner of a small mom and pop grocery store started collecting comic books.

He took the books straight to his home, where some were read, and others lay undisturbed for 702+ years. In all, the collection consists of approximately 400 books and focused on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with other Golden Age heroes. The books remained in the same home for the remainder of his life.

In summary:  The War-Time Comic Find.
  • 1941 – 1945
  • Magazine Distributor --- Store Owner --- Attic
  • Same Location --- 70 plus years later
  • A very rare original owner collection that has yielded the finest known copies of Wonder Woman’s first two appearances. Other comics from this collection have also been graded as highest known copies.
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Sales Tax applies to Washington State residents about pristine comics Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and serving collectors for over a quarter of a century, we are still going strong. Originating from our retail store in Federal Way, WA is our parent company West Coast Sports Card, while Pristine Comics is our abundant comic book website. In 2014, we set a Guinness world record for the selling the most valuable comic book ever for over 3.2 million dollars! It was the single highest graded copy of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, and the sale made headlines around the world. This firmly established us as the premiere collectibles dealer on the West Coast.

It is this accolade that separates us from our competitors Unlike some auction or consignment websites, we actually own everything we offer for sale. While they deal with deadlines and often write descriptions of books without examining them, we have the product in hand, and can give you genuine and accurate details of what you are buying. Thus, there is no middle man! We also do NOT add buyer’s fees or seller’s fees to the price of our books.

As a bonus, all of our comics are in stock and shipped immediately upon receipt of payment. In this fast-paced world, you shouldn’t have to wait an extra 3-4 weeks AFTER your payment has been received before the shipping process even begins.  That’s an absurdity that remains a pet peeve of mine.

Since I don't like it, I certainly wouldn’t expect you to either. There is NO waiting for third party items to arrive and then reshipped to you. When you buy from us, you get your money’s worth, and you get it fast. We have been in the mail order collectibles business since 1986, and our goal has always been to make your experience with us as simple and pleasurable as possible. We hope to impress you with superb customer service so that you make us one of your primary sources for high end investment quality comics.
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