9 SILVER AGE DC 12c SUPERMAN - NO 192 194 195 196 VG Plus 6.5 Or Better See Pics
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Just one comic from a collection of mine. I have 3000 silver age comics I will be listing mostly dc but also a few marvel. Most are VF to NM and have been recently bagged in Mylar bags with new backing boards. On the back of every backing board is written the grade of the comic. The gentlemen who owned these before me collected comics for over 60 years and sadly had to sell his collection of 80 thousand comics. If I had the chance to buy them all they would be pedigree comics. 

I have been selling comics myself for 10 years and collecting for 20. 


Check my feed back almost every comic ships fast and arrived safely. Now almost everyone has had have problems shipping or receiving something at one point in time or another. That being said I do my best to replace or refund if a comic is damaged during shipping. I use usps padded play rate envelopes to ship all comics. I can fit 4-5 comics safely in a padded envelope with multiple layers of thick card board to protect the comics. I do this for comics under 25 value. If is over 25 I try to use a box. Some people may not like the 6 dollar shipping charge but this not only assures fast deliver but also provides tracking and insurance which covers me as a seller. As I said before though I do my best to assure it arrives safely and if not will do my best to make you happy. 


Grading is a hit or miss. None of us work for cgc and all of are grades are just options. Most people say that I tend to under grade which I do to make buyers happy. Please look at all pictures to check the grade of the comic yourself. I honestly believe 80 percent of buyers will not read this description but thoose of you who do I thank you.