2 Ultimate Spiderman #3 - Rare Printing/Manufacturing Error-White & Pink covers
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If you’re a comic book collector, you’re most likely familiar with Venom: Lethal Protector #1 and the printing error on the front cover. However, let me introduce you to a printing error that you may have never heard of. You now have the opportunity to buy two of these extremely rare comic books in one listing.

What’s included in this auction? Two extremely rare printing error comic books:

Ultimate Spiderman #3 manufactured without yellow and red ink on cover (white cover) - CGC qualified grade 9.4.

Ultimate Spiderman #3 manufactured without yellow ink on cover (pink cover) - CGC qualified grade 9.6.

You may not have heard of or ever seen these comic books because they’ve only exchanged hands once in an auction about 16 years ago. If you look at the pictures, these comic books are absolutely beautiful. Imagine having these comics framed along with Ultimate Spiderman #3 without the printing error (pictured but NOT part of this listing) to create a stunning piece of art.

How rare are these comic books?

Looking at the CGC census does not provide you an accurate assessment of how rare these comic books are because these comic books were given a qualified grade due to the manufacturing error. Qualified grades are also given for signed comic books and the CGC census does not breakout the number of comics that had the printing error vs comics that were signed. However, if you contact CGC, they will provide details behind the number of comics which received a qualified grade due to a printing error. Below is what CGC provided via email: [Note: my additional notes in brackets].

“Thank you for your inquiry. We have graded 4 with manufacturing errors. 1 - Manufactured without Yellow & Red ink on cover [This is the white cover]. 2 - Manufactured without Yellow ink on cover [This is the pink cover]. 1 - Manufactured without ink on the interior covers [The cover for this book is the normal cover...the printing error is on the interior pages and is not visible in a graded book since the case is sealed].”

The above information from CGC states that there are only four Ultimate Spiderman #3 books with a printing error and three of the four comic books have the error visible on the cover. This listing enables you to obtain TWO of the three extremely rare comics referenced above. The comic with the white cover printing error is the only one that’s ever been graded by CGC and it is included in this listing. For the comic with the pink cover printing error, there have only been two comics graded by CGC (one was 9.6 and the second was 9.4) and the highest graded pink cover comic is included in this listing. Ultimate Spiderman #3 was released in 2001 and to only have four comics graded with the printing error in 19 years is very powerful data.

To confirm that the white cover printing error is the only one graded by CGC, I sent CGC the following follow-up question:

“For the one manufactured without ink on the interior covers, are the front and back covers printed correctly?  I just wanted to make sure that the one printed without yellow and red ink on cover is the only one that has been graded by CGC.”

CGC responded with the following:

“Each one of the four have their own certification number and each of the label notes are written as I have them in the first email. I checked all the other qualified books and the rest are signed without a witness and pretty high grade... Meaning if it was signed and had the manufacturing error we would qualify for one and downgrade for the other. So it would be a low grade qualified book... Which there aren't any of those. From my research, I would take that as the one missing the red and yellow ink is the only one graded by the CGC.”

Other comics with printing error and how the comics in this listing compare:

Venom: Lethal Protector #1 is a well known comic book for having a printing error on its cover (Black cover is the most common). If you check the CGC census, there have been 245 Venom: Lethal Protector #1s graded with a black cover printing error....of the 245, 80 were graded 9.8. A CGC 9.8 with the black cover printing error sold for $9600 on the HA website in 2018. This is not surprising since it is tough to get these type of comics with a very visible printing error which is also very visually appealing. The comic books in this listing also has a very unique and visible printing error on the cover and are much more rarer than the Venom printing error.

Why am I selling these rare comic books?

My intention was to hold on to these books for a very long time, but due to the recent economic conditions I thought I’d try to sell these comics to improve my financial position. If I don’t get the price I desire, I’ll put these back in a safe deposit box and keep it as a long term investment. I truly believe these rare comics are a great investment for a collector who can appreciate these error comics similar to how one would appreciate a rare painting. I have the listing price at the current price because these are truly rare comics, and the sales for other similar printing error comics justify the price in this listing.

Shipping is free. Item will be shipped with insurance and tracking.

If you have any questions regarding these comics, please ask. Thanks for looking and good luck!