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RARE Exciting120 ComicsEach Signed! High Grade84 COAs with Serial NumbersAbsolutely Amazing Collection in Sensational Condition as these Comics went from the Store right to Sleeves/Backing. Email any Questions. You're going to Luv this Comic Collection.2008 16 Punisheer War Journal 9/15 Signed Fraction and Chaykin2008 17 Punisher War Journal 9/25 Signed Fraction and Chaykin2004 208 Superman Signed Jim Lee2005 18 Punisher War Journal 9/30 Fraction and Chaykin1996 1 Captain America4 Batman Robin Signed Jim Lee24 The Boys (Ennis and Chaykin) 2/41999 2 Kingdom (Ward, Zeck, Beatty 64/1500)1 New Mutants (Claremont 1/25)2004 1 Green Lantern (Van Sciver 381/499)2003 Batman 619 (Lee and Scott Williams /299)2006 823 Batman Detective (Benitez 17/100)1 Star Wars Phantom Menace (Williamson Damaggio Henry Gilroy Nostelle)1998 25 Nightwing (k. Story)2003 619 Batman (Lee and Williams /1000)Batman Man Laughs (Brubaker 61/199)2003 613 Batman Poster Child (Lee and Williams 46/199)500 X-Men (Alex Ross 776/1999)500 X-Men (Greg Land 72/90)2008 6 Marvel Buy War Bonds (Joe Simon 5/10)3 of 3 The Punisher Brotherhood - Signed!2002 DC 1st Green Lantern (Ben Raab 21/499)2005 Green Lantern No 1 (Geoff Johns 127/499)2005 Green Lantern 2 of 6 (E. Van Sciver)9 GI Joe - (Blaylock)11 GI Joe (Benetiz)1 GI Joe (Blaylock)Divine Right Chrome Cover (Jim Lee)34 Wolverine (signed)94 New Mutants (signed)2005 27 Teen Titans (signed)24 Oct New Teen Titans (signed)Green Lantern Brightest Day Blackest Night (Seagle 15/499)27 KISS Psycho Circus (signed)7 KISS Psycho Circus (signed)40 Young Justice (Naack)6 Young Justice Judgement Day (Nauck)PG 1 New Mutants (signed)Anita Blake Laughing Corpse (Ron Lim 37/80)The Punisher 4 (Steve Dilon)2005 Nightwing 110 Villians United (signed)2005 Nightwing 112 (signed)2003 21 Green Arrow Archers Quest (signed)2005 2 Infinite Crisis (signed)2004 JLA 106 (Ron Barney)New Mutants (signed)1st Issue X-Men Mutant Milestone (signed)1st Issue X-Men Mutant Milestone (signed)1st Issue X-Men Mutant Milestone (signed)281 Uncanny X-Men New Team Born (signed)2004 10 Batman Superman (Jim Lee 146/1939)1 Mar Punisher War Zone (Romita Jr 32/299)412 X-Men (Chuck Austen 346/499)455 X-Men (Claremont)Aug 3 Spawn (Todd McFarlane)50 Wolverine Top Secret (Silvestri and Trimpe 1/149)Aug 2006 Flash 1st Issue (Lashley 102/1000)Oct '07 Bonster Gold 1st Issue (Jurgens /60)Mar 06 4 of 7 Infinite Crisis (Perez 67/131)Jan 06 2 of 7 Infinite Crisis 2 (Jimenez 117/299)Captain America 1 (John Ney Reiber and Cassaday 608/1944)Jul '05 1 Green Lantern (Geoff Johns 7/1000)13 X-Men (Cassaday 5/185)Sep 6 Batman Robin (Jim Lee 4/100)1 Batman Robin (Jim Lee)Batman Robin 3 Dec (Jim Lee /499)Feb '99 1 Kingdom (Waid 1/1500)1 Wolverine Punisher (Tom Palmer 8/299)Aug '98 Catwoman Wildcat (signed Beau Smith 466/500)May '99 565 Batman Mosaic (Rucka /1500)Batman WAYNE league Batmen (Moench and Bright 34/500)6 of 7 Dark Tower (Jae Lee 93/100)Fallen Son Death Cap America (Jeph Loeb 27/111)Jan '98 Heroes Return Cap America (Garney 7/10_Infinite Crisis Countdown (J. Lee 430/999)14 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler)13 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler)14 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler and Tedesco)13 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler)13 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler)14 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler and Tedesco)13 Grimm Fairy Tales (Tyler)Aug 06 1 Wonder Woman (Heinberg 115/750)1 Wonder Woman (Terry and Rachel Dodson 87/750)Apr 07 1 Batman and Green Lantern (Perez 7/299)551 Fantastic 4 (Michael Turner 20/76)551 Fantastic 4 (Michael Turner 19/76)550 Fantastic 4 (Michael Turner 22/25)Oct 07 12 JLA (Michael Turner 36/40Sep 06 Zero Issue JLA (Michael Turner 175/199)32 Ultimate Fantastic 4 (Gilard 54/65)Apr 07 1 Batman and GL VEGAS (Perez 8/199)Apr 07 1 Batman and GL (Perez 22/299)Apr 07 1 Batman and GL VEGAS (Waid 9/99)Apr 07 1 Batman and GL (Waid 15/99)Dec 06 Nightwing 125 (Jurgens 2/150)Oct 05 1 Justice (Kruger 26/499)Oct 05 1 Justice (Ross 33/699)Jul 02 1 Superman Flash DC 1st (Burchett 83/499)Feb 03 1 Batgirl Year One (Scott Beatty 99/200)Batman Deathblow Limited Series (Lee Bermejo)Batman Begins Movie Adaptation (Beatty /588)143 Batman Gotham County Line (Steve Niles 3/50)Spider-Man Movie Adaptation (Romita 89/495)1 Mythos Captain American (Joe Simon 7/25)Deadpool Games Death (Greg Land 1/24)Sep 08 1 Batgirl Back in own Series (Adam Beechen)Punisher Dark Reign Variant (signed)4 of 6 Dawn Sirius (Linsner-2ay)Steampunk (Bachalo and Friend) Limited SeriesThe COW Euro Preview (Hawkins and Wohl Limited Series)X-Men Forever (Signed Chris Claremont Limited Series)X-Men Forever (Claremont 64/199)X-Men Forever (Claremont 62/199)X-Men (Chuck Austen 346/499)The Punisher (Goldern and Sniegoski 4567/6000)BATMAN Annual (Mark Morales 18/100)Batman (ED Brubaker 82/199)SUPERMAN Gen 13 (Bermejo and Nyberg Limited Series)SUPERMAN vs Predator (David Micheline 0045/1500)